Canberra Dog Hub offers memberships for different types of users.  From dog owners who want a place for their dog to run, to dog professionals who need a place to take a class.  Choose the option that suits your needs.

Our Private Members can book the yards for their use only.  This is a great option for those dogs who don’t get along with others or where you may want time to train or play with your dog without other dogs.  Private members are also welcome to join our social sessions, as long as they are social.


Social members can join our social sessions which are held four times a week for members of Canberra Dog Hub only.  This is a great way to have better safety than a dog park with limited numbers and all members are known.  Socials sessions are held Tuesday morning 0700-0800, Thursday 1000-1100, Saturday 1100-1200 and 1600-1700 and Sunday 1000-1100 and 1500-1600.


Our Pet Professional Memberships are for trainers or training groups who need a place for one on one consults or training classes.

Need something not listed?  Email us at